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NuNam is the contamination of the Vietnamese nouns “Nu” and “Nam”, meaning "girl" and "boy". The girl in this story is Laure Cops. The boy, Wouter Vanmol. Together we make and shape audiovisual and interactive stories.

Whether our stories are linear or non-linear
Whether you click, touch, swipe or scan
Whether you hear, see, play or participate
We put human connection at the centre of the story.

Online and/or offline.

We focus on exploring the emerging field of interactive factual narratives. We collaborate with social, cultural and commercial partners on the design of immersive experiences. Our areas of interest include digital documentaries, experimental storytelling, augmented/locative/VR experiences and collaborative design thinking.

So what exactly do we do? 
Think Apps. Think Chatbots. Think Podcasts. Think Browser-based experiences.Think Augmented Reality. Think Virtual Reality. Think Documentary. Think Games. Think Photography. Think 🤖. Think Video. Think Fiction. Think Non-Fiction. Think of the place between those two. Think journalism. Think Entrepreneurship. Think community. Think Social. Think Impact.

 Think of all the things you didn’t think about…



shapes and makes
audiovisual and interactive stories.
For clients. For audiences.

And ourselves.


We like to talk about this stuff too!

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