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Talking about your small or big problems with someone who really listens to you helps you feel better about yourself. But that is not always easy.

To show young people that you can also talk without words, 'Warme William' launches the hashtag #binnenstebuiten. Princess Delphine, singer Metejoor, dancer Joffrey Anane and writing teacher Herman Vander Straeten join forces and each put together a masterclass to challenge young people to explore and express their own world of feelings through art: music, painting, dance and poetry. In this way, they want to help support young people's mental well-being.

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Fonds GavoorGeluk


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Creative Concept

Campaign Production


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Educational package

More and more schools want to get started with ‘Warme William’ to discuss topics related to mental well-being. To help schools and youngsters to unleash their creativity, we developed an educational package together with personal worksheets. 

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