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Virtual Reality


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Konekt vzw


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General Production

Creative Director



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A lot of organisations are keeping their doors closed for people with disabilities.  So it was time for action to bring this problem in the spotlight. That was Konekt’s central briefing. Therefore we came up with this Virtual Reality hoax campaign: Because inclusion takes no effort. With a few small, active steps, an association opens its doors and discovers the added value of an inclusive world.

How did we do it?
First, Konekt vzw spread the rumour that for two years now, they were working on a VR app to make the world more inclusive. Konekt officially presented this InclusieVR app to the press in Brussels. The InclusieVR was presented as “the super social VR app that makes your association inclusive”.

With this app Konekt allows associations to welcome people with disabilities to participate in their activities. Imagine: an app that makes all associations inclusive without having to do something … Sven Gatz, Minister of Culture, Media and Youth was the first to test the VR app together with the press.

Why don't you try it yourself?

It quickly became clear that the VR clip is a hoax. Because a VR app is not a solution for real inclusion. People with a disability simply want to participate in club life. And that is possible with a few small adjustments. That is the message that Konekt brings out in their new campaign.

Flemish associations received a VR headset by mail. With this headset they can view the InclusieVR-clip. That is the start of the campaign that encourages associations to take steps towards inclusion and make a world of difference for people with disabilities.

Check out the making-off movie:


The coming months Konekt vzw will travel Flanders with a roadshow to showcase the InclusieVR and to motivate associations to take steps to make their organisation more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Last but not least: We made this project happen together with Cojak and VR-wizard Wim Forceville.

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