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The Golden Forest interactive documentary

In pre-production

The Golden Forest is an interactive documentary that explores the power of human resilience.

Each year more than 800,000 people worldwide choose to end their lives. That is one suicide every 40 seconds. Conservative estimates say that an average of six to ten survivors are left behind after each suicide.


The fact that the person has done so of their own will and not die by accident or disease, makes it for survivors to an event that triggers an almost unbearable grief. The meaning of life is affected in its foundations. The mourning of survivors after a suicide is painful, devastating and long lasting. The pain never completely wears. Many survivors tell at first to have lost all lust for life. Life for them is more a duty than a want. If survivors succeed to accept what happened, and when they learn that they can live with it, then a recovery is possible. The pain will never go away, but they can be “bearers of life and hope.”

This interactive project wants to offer the user a platform that helps him or her during his/her complicated grief process. Next to that it examines suicide and its various causes en consequences all around the world. It reveals the present-day challenges on various social, economical, ecological and cultural levels. It is a sample of the struggles we, as humans all over the world, have to face.

The Golden Forest examines how documentary in an interactive context can be a socially innovative tool. The project sprouts from “constructive journalism” and will explore how a unique combination of storytelling and user experience can have personal and social impact.


Cultural, religious and social taboos surrounding suicide often make the grieving process more difficult than it already is. This project helps to break these taboos.


This interactive documentary wants to offer the user a platform that helps him or her during his/her complicated grieving process. On their journey through the fictional world, information, guidance and practical tools are handed to the user to experience their grief in a constructive way.


Re-embracing life after the suicide of a loved one is not an easy thing to do. In this interactive documentary, we portrait six people. Each of them with their own inspirational story. Their own culture, their own process, their own demons and their remarkable resilience.


Remember your loved one by planting your own digital “tree of memories”. Nurture your tree with heartwarming memories and let it flourish in The Golden Forest.

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