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#TISMAARDA campaign

Inclusion, simple as can be

Everyone has the right to be 100% part of the club. Nevertheless, people with disabilities often can't join. While it really does not take any effort. Many associations think differently about this. They fear a lot of adjustments.

With this campaign we want to show community life that you can come a long way by taking a few small steps.​

#TISMAARDA translates loosely as #SimpleAsCanBe. Through social media and online docu's we show situations where participation in community life is possible! With a few small steps and with the help of Konekt, you as an association come a long way. To actually come to the conclusion quickly: #TISMAARDA!

Client / 

Konekt vzw

Role / 


General Production

Creative Director


Year / 



Creative team: Nunam / Cojak
Press: Sandra Plasschaert
Social Media campaign & Monitoring: Peter Ruymbeke

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