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Warme William 

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Interactive installation

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1 in 2 young people did not feel good in the past two weeks.

For many of us it is very difficult to talk if you feel lonely, anxious or sad.


The Flemish campaign ‘Warme William’ wants to do something about this. Research shows that talking helps you feel better again. But you can only do that if you get the feeling that you can and may be vulnerable, if you feel safe with your conversation partner. Someone who gives you that feeling is a ‘Warme William’. Your Warm William is someone who is really listening to you.


The foundation GavoorGeluk asked NuNam to help them make their blue mascot -Warme William- known throughout Flanders. Not only did we review, and updated the existing communication strategy with them, we have also been contributing to contemporary (interactive) content ever since.


Since the foundation’s core objective is to strengthen the resilience and mental well-being of children and young people, we focus our efforts on this group and the people surrounding them (educators, parents, trainers, …) 


Client / 
Fonds Gavoorgeluk

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Augmented Reality App


Bring Warm William to life with the free Augmented Reality app from ‘Warme William’. Discover who that blue bear is, listen to the gripping stories of inspiring guests and nominate your own ‘Warme William’. Or simply become a ‘Warme William’ yourself by applying the tips and tricks to be an even better friend for your friends.

N project pages@2x.png

Podcast Series: Warme William Luistert

In the "Warme William Luistert" podcast series you hear surprisingly recognisable stories from inspiring guests. Our guests dare to be vulnerable, as they share their life stories, successes and failures. Who has been on their side when things went bad? And how did they cope? Learn to surf the waves of life with this waterfall of moving testimonies!



A fresh start, that is what the ‘Warme William campaign’ needed. And we took care of that. Not only did we give the entire brand an identity makeover, we also redesigned their social media and website. The plan was to inform cities, schools and associations as clearly as possible about this campaign and to provide them with a series of tools that could be as accessible as possible to join the cause. If you understand Dutch -or you just want to shed a visual eye on the website-, you can discover it yourself via

Interactive installation

To make ‘Warme William’ visible at festivals and events, we developed an interactive stand. You can dance with ‘Warme William’ in Augmented Reality, become ‘Warme William’ yourself in the photo booth, listen to moving audio stories and discover tips and tricks to be a ‘Warme William’ for your loved ones.


Educational package

More and more schools want to get started with ‘Warme William’ to discuss topics related to mental well-being. To help them with this, we developed an educational package. This package consists of two lesson plans developed for students in the first, second or third level of secondary education. In the series of lessons young people discover who ‘Warme William’ is and what he stands for.

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